Have some holiday spirit. Stay home.

Please don’t shop on Thanksgiving. We already work more than any other developed nation, and these workers deserve a FULL day off to spend with family with a good night’s sleep before having to work through the holiday season. We as shoppers decide whether or not people get to be with their families.
Have a little holiday spirit. Stay home.

I posted this on FB in response to this article from HuffPo about some stores deciding not to ruin Thanksgiving.

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// ]]>This is a topic that can bring quite a bit of disdain and judgment forward.  As I’d touched on in my post yesterday, being ever-judgmental and quick to condemn doesn’t actually move us forward.  Every year, we fuss at how Christmas shopping is starting closer and closer to 4th of July, and every year it creeps forward a little more.
Every year, we cluck our tongues at how early the Black Friday sales start, and every year they start a little earlier.
If we actually want this to stop rather than keep it around so we can judge it,  its important to take responsibility for any role we play in it– from fostering an atmosphere with our own family/friends that emphasize the presents over presence, to how we shop ourselves.

Where is everyone?

Have a family member that leaves early or doesn’t come at all? Saying “anything you get me I’ll return” and sticking to it –even if its something really awesome that you wanted–will make that less attractive for them.

Because this is so out of control, it is pushing us to figure out what our values are, what we really want, and then live our lives accordingly, recognizing that its all connected. It doesn’t make sense for us as a nation to complain about the erosion of family values and all that entails– school shootings, etc– then leave a family holiday early- or not attend at all- to stand in line to buy stuff. Especially considering that buying stuff means someone else is also not with their families.

We work more than any other developed nation.  We are disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the planet as a result. Take some time to get connected this holiday season.  Stay home.

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