Despite the sexualization of women’s bodies in the spaces all around us, there is women’s anatomy that wasn’t fully discovered until the late 90s.

She makes so many good point, but I particularly love her point about profanity near the end of the video.

In Dutch, the word for genitals literally translates to “shame area”.  Yet this is the place we connect in such a profound way with our partners.  For women, it is also the portal to all human life on this planet.

We often feel so defined by our genitals– ask anyone that’s had cancer attack there– yet we have so much shame about them.  Women in particular are pushed to manipulate their vaginas in bizarre ways- waxing, excessive douching, “feminine wipes”, etc–that actually disturb the natural balance and can cause various issues.

Vaginas are the portal to all human life on this planet.

Let that sink in.  The portal to all human life on this planet.

That is nothing to be ashamed of.  Nothing that is “gross” or “nasty” or that needs to be fixed.  It is magnificent, powerful, and majestic.  Think of it as such, and treat it accordingly.


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Sheherezade using stories to transform the wounded and vengeful Sultan in 1001 Nights is my inspiration to fold stories and folktales into my coaching practice at Rites O'Passage I taught writing, literature, and women's studies for 13 years and got my start coaching as an academic coach at a medical school. "Women Who Run With the Wolves" stayed on my reading list pretty much the entire time I taught, and coaching gives me the opportunity to hold the classes and workshops I always dreamed of-- using archetypes for emotional alchemy

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