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Thérèse Clerc has a moon face, bright eyes and 14 grandchildren. She makes a mean veal stew. And at 85, she’s one of the most stubborn feminists in all of France.

Jacqueline Freeman‘s insight:

Ah yes, Baba Yaga’s!  The hut on chicken legs that dances and twirls it’s so full of life and vigor! Hurrah to Therese for listening and acting on her Inner Voice- it does indeed lift up others when we listen to it and follow its course.  Have you signed up for the April 20th retreat where we’ll work with connecting to our intuition?  Buy One Get One til the 14th.  See to register.

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Sheherezade using stories to transform the wounded and vengeful Sultan in 1001 Nights is my inspiration to fold stories and folktales into my coaching practice at Rites O'Passage I taught writing, literature, and women's studies for 13 years and got my start coaching as an academic coach at a medical school. "Women Who Run With the Wolves" stayed on my reading list pretty much the entire time I taught, and coaching gives me the opportunity to hold the classes and workshops I always dreamed of-- using archetypes for emotional alchemy

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