Ever after in the real world


I love folktales.  I don’t just believe- I’ve experienced- their transformative power.  I’ve read Jung’s theories about archetypes and the collective soul. I’ve followed the modern research that shows how the human brain is particularly wired for story.  I do my work to use stories to help people connect to themselves and their world.  I want people to see the real-life applications of what stories have to teach us.

Here’s a twist on real-life application that had me awed by talent and doubled over laughing.  Fantastic!



About "Rites O'Passage Ceremony & Coaching

Sheherezade using stories to transform the wounded and vengeful Sultan in 1001 Nights is my inspiration to fold stories and folktales into my coaching practice at Rites O'Passage I taught writing, literature, and women's studies for 13 years and got my start coaching as an academic coach at a medical school. "Women Who Run With the Wolves" stayed on my reading list pretty much the entire time I taught, and coaching gives me the opportunity to hold the classes and workshops I always dreamed of-- using archetypes for emotional alchemy

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